BrainQuicken BodyQuick Review

BodyquickBrainQuicken BodyQuick Review

Summary: Made for Training – Not Viable for Everyone

BrainQuicken BodyQuick Score: 69%

BrainQuicken BodyQuick is a nootropic supplement that unlike most other nootropics we’ve tested before, has been more highly targeted towards bodybuilders. It’s distributed widely over, and we actually know quite a few gyms that have partnered up with BrainQuicken, having many of their athletes train on BodyQuick. Needless to say, BrainQuicken BodyQuick is quite popular in that area, and with that in mind, its success has been driven by the community.

BrainQuicken BodyQuick Ingredients

Unlike most other bodybuilding-oriented supplements, BodyQuick is in capsule form. It has gotten quite a lot of popularity in bodybuilding forums dedicated to increasing mental acuity and endurance, and have been rated really well. This might be mainly due to the ingredients that have been included, which consist of essential ingredients such as Vitamin B6, B12, as well as DMAE, Vinpocetine, L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, Huperzine A, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

However, aside from this, BodyQuick also contains a few other curious ingredients like Cordyceps Sinesnsis, and Salix Alba that might improve performance in the gym, while not really helping at all in mental function. While this is appealing to ‘gym rats’, it might not be so to others who don’t hit the gym very often.

Details about BrainQuicken BodyQuick

While BrainQuicken BodyQuick might be a great product in terms of physical and mental performance when training, it is still rivaled by a few, one of which is Neogenix’s Neurosurge. And in this way, these products weren’t exactly created with the general population in mind. Therefore, using one might not be a viable option for everyone.

We aren’t saying it doesn’t work. There’s a reason why it’s rated so well. However, using a pill that performs two functions when you only want half of it would be an ineffective use of money. Since the product takes a double role, it isn’t exactly specialized on simply upping cognitive performance. We suggest looking elsewhere.

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