3 Ways How Your ADHD Makes You Like a Superhero.Why are you feeling so bad about your ADHD? Yes, you don’t fit in. Yes, you do not have a lot of friends. Yes, it can be depressing. However, your ADHD is a gift. Yes, you read that right – ADHD is a gift. Think about it, although you don’t exactly fit in in any room, it’s not because people don’t like you – it’s because you can’t tolerate people. You’re not understood so well, but that’s because you’re different – but that is in no means at all a bad way.

Your ADHD is a superpower, which makes you a superhero. Here’s why:

  1. You can read people’s minds. Have you ever been in conversation with someone, and you already knew what they were going to say 10 seconds before they even said it? Those of us with ADHD have minds running faster than any other, allowing us to effectively predict anything that is going to come out of their mouth. Sure, we are bored because we are ready know everything they’re going to say. But just think about how amazing that is – the power of reading minds. I guess we’re all a little like Professor X in our own way.
  2. You keep to yourself. Ever notice how superheroes only have a very small handful of close people? To them it’s about protecting the ones they love. However, in similar fashion, the fact that we actively distance ourselves from so many people makes us a lot like superheroes as well. Batman only had Rachel, the Commissioner, and Alfred. In the same way, you know and you find out exactly who are actually there for you and support you – and that’s a lot better than having 500 friends on Facebook but you don’t even talk to anyway.
  3. You have intense surges of focus. You’re able to put a lot of focus, time, and energy into anything that you are extremely passionate about – something that most other people can only dream of. You’re able to accomplish more than the average person the same amount of time – it’s almost like being superhuman. You know that actually put the hours into something that you’re enthusiastic about, no one in the world will best you at it.

Still feel like your ADHD puts you at a disadvantage? Change your mindset, and join me and my fellow superheroes!

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