Adderall ReviewAdderall Review

Summary: Adderall is soon becoming a very outdated ADD solution and is losing popularity as a cognitive enhancer.

Adderall Percentage Score: 55%

Adderall is probably the most prescribed drug out there to treat ADD. It effectively increases the brain’s ability to focus while also reducing any white noise that may cause a loss in concentration. It does so very effectively, and that is a reason why so many people are still using Adderall today, despite its age. Adderall isn’t perfect, though. It can be highly toxic on the body, offers some side effects, and causes addiction. However, with the recent rise of nootropics, Adderall is fast becoming obsolete. Some modern nootropics do as well as Adderall in terms of minimizing the symptoms of ADD, and even if they aren’t, nootropics offer something that makes Adderall seem more like a worse solution: no side effects. When you need to constantly take ADD medication to function, this becomes very important.

Ingredients in Adderall

In the truest sense, all ingredients in Adderall are in one form or another methamphetamines. These substances are chemical stimulants that affect the dopamine system. These dopamine systems, also called pleasure centers, allow you to keep focused at a task at hand by increasing motivation, and a general feel-good feeling when finishing them. As mentioned, however, methamphetamines are addictive and toxic on the body. Little do people know, the methamphetamines in Adderall are simply a lesser iteration of those found in crystal meth. Adderall works, but think of the damage on your body and your brain.

Details on Adderall

It would be wrong to say that Adderall doesn’t work, though. It works well. However, on terms of increasing focus and producing brain enhancing effects, there are better alternatives out there. While Adderall might be great for some due to the vast proof that it works, there is also proof of its side effects. Try something new for a change, and explore the world of nootropics: there’s much to be discovered.

For all intents and purposes, stay off Adderall.

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