AddieUp helps right now, and also starts awakening your brain so it continues to improve with time.

AddieUp-ReviewAddieUp Percentage Score: 93%

AddieUp one of the best solutions for instant focus. It also happens to a great supplement for those who want to take it every day for months or even years. The natural ingredients found in AddieUp build up in your body over time, giving AddieUp the unique ability to get your mind in shape quickly as well allowing you to access more of your brain for the long run.

Ingredients in AddieUp

AddieUp is composed of some pretty potent ingredients. Guarana extract, choline, caffeine, yerba mate, and ginkgo biloba. Guarana and caffeine are proven to help sharpen the mind quickly. The brain often feels the effects within 20 minutes or so. Ginkgo biloba and choline provide the building blocks for a better brain. They increase the production of certain neuro chemicals in the brain which then bind to receptors in the brain, causing it to function at a much higher pace than normal.

The Cognitive Enhancer of Choice

We have been passing AddieUp around the office, because of its popularity as of late. We all like it for its reliability and its lack of side effects. Usually for a supplement to deliver the power of instant focus, you pay for it later when you experience headaches, redness in the face, or restricting of blood vessels. Taking AddieUp caused none of these side effects. It brought about the instant pick-me-up of an energy drink or a cup of coffee with the long-lasting feeling of herbal remedies like St. John’s Wort or rose root.

AddieUp has become one of our favorite smart pills. While not quite as good as Nitrovit, it works as it should. Also, AddieUp comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and the ingredients are definitely prescription strength. A monthly supply will set you back $59.99.

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