AddTabz-ReviewSummary: ADDTabz has low grade ingredients that can cause damaging side effects to the body.

ADDTabz Percentage Score: 68%

ADDTabz has gotten a lot of attention the last couple of years because it was widely distributed throughout college campuses in the United States. University students comprise one of the key target audiences for the makers of ADDTabz, because they feel the pressure to do well on exams and also interact with other students on campus. This does not mean that ADDTabz is safe to use, though. In fact, many reports have shown how dangerous certain supplements like ADDTabz can be.

ADDTabz is not FDA approved, so this means that the formulation that makes up ADDTabz has also not been tested. The result of using ADDTabz for long periods of time may still be unknown. The ingredients in ADDTabz are certainly dubious – the company only lists some made-up compound called Ampheta-CDP. This is not an all-natural compound – it is a strong pharmaceutical meant to penetrate the blood brain barrier and infiltrate your brain’s receptors.

The fact that ADDTabz does attach to your central nervous system (CNS) means that it should be regulated. Overexposure to the chemicals in ADDTabz could coat the receptors in your brain, making it impossible for your body to ever focus on its own in the future. That means you might have to never stop using ADDTabz, or risk a painful withdrawal period. This never happens with natural supplements.

ADDTabz is available without a prescription. Gentech Pharmaceuticals, the maker of ADDTabz, does not offer a money back guarantee of any kind. You are stuck with it, whether you like it or not. The price of ADDTabz per month is $79, which adds up to a lot of money very quickly. There are no good ingredients present that are of prescription strength, and the mystery ingredients that are inside take up the majority of this supplement. Stay away from ADDTabz unless you want to risk harming your brain.

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