OptiMind Review: Everything Is Flashy Until You Look Under The Hood – 77%

Extremely attractive website, but a very lacking brain pill.

AlleraddOptiMind Percentage Score: 77%

Alleradd’s Ingredients

Although Alleradd’s website really does look nice, it still lacks a few things – one of which is substantial information on its ingredients. While it does list them, there were no supplement facts label, or at the very least, the dosages for each ingredient. The ingredients included in Alleradd were also a bit wishywashy. It wasn’t so much that they were bad – in fact, some of them were of high quality. The only problem was that some of their ingredients are outdated, and have long already been proven to not have much effects to the brain. GABA, for example, does not cross the blood-brain barrier. DMAE has been banned in Canada and Australia for its link to cell death. This is among many of Alleradd’s flaws.

Details of Alleradd

Alleradd is a good example of the saying “never judge a book by its cover”, but with a twist. It looks really good, however, inside, it isn’t what it’s all made out to be. This isn’t to say that it’s really bad. In fact, as mentioned earlier, it really is the typical nootropic supplement and is probably better than 70% of those available out there. It just doesn’t match up with what everyone is making it out to be, and is definitely nothing too special.

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