Addtablets Review Score: 91%

Onnit’s Alpha Brain has been making great advances in terms of brain enhancement.

In the past few years, it has risen from its humble beginnings to being now known as one of the most reputable, most respected, and one of the best brain enhancers out there.

Since its release, Alpha Brain has taken the brain enhancement industry by storm, with its new focus on extreme sports and their involvement and sponsorship of some of the best athlete names.

If you go online, you’ll see a very clean and detailed Alpha Brain website, with a lot of information concerning Alpha Brain and its use.

What you’ll also see is the sheer number of their testimonials and their followers – for Alpha Brain is one of the most successful in that respect.

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What is Alpha Brain?

Like many of the ADD solutions that we’ve reviewed here at, Alpha Brain is a nootropic, and therefore, isn’t really like Adderall at all.

Adderall is a methamphetamine, and while it is extremely effective, boosting focus by large amounts, it really doesn’t do anything for its users long-term, and additionally, has many side effects.

On the other side of the equation, Alpha Brain, a nootropic, increases mental function in its users, from which one of those is increased focus.

Alpha Brain also shows many long-term benefits to the brain and poses very minimal side effects.

Although Alpha Brain’s effectiveness might be lower than Adderall, the gradual increase in mental ability over continued use will make it worth it.

The long-term benefits, as well as the lack of side effects just mean that you’ll be able to use Alpha Brain for a very long time.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Our Alpha Brain review revealed what Alpha Brain ingredients does containing below, which will help you decide whether is Alpha Brain worth buying it or not.

Alpha Brain contains:

Vitamin B6



Oat Straw Extract


Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) (bark) Extract

L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC)

Bacopa (Bacopa monniera)Extract

Toothed Clubmoss (Huperzia serrata) Extract



Alpha Brain Supplement facts

Is Alpha Brain Good for Treating ADD?

Neither Alpha Brain nor Onnit have made any claims regarding Alpha Brain’s use for treating ADD.

However, on that note, we’ve also been receiving quite a lot of messages from our readers detailing their symptoms of ADD minimizing with the use of Alpha Brain.

This might be due to the way Alpha Brain’s formula was made, in that there are absolutely no filler ingredients in the formula, unlike some of the other nootropics that we have reviewed that did not do so well.

With more space for focus-inducing ingredients, more can be done against ADD symptoms.

Some of the ingredients in Alpha Brain suggest that it can be used to counteract ADD symptoms, though.

A few of these, such as Alpha GPC and Huperzine, as well as some others, have shown to reduce ADD symptoms in some tests, as well as bringing other cognitive benefits as well.

Alpha brain is it really help ADD/ADHA

Is Alpha Brain Better Than Adderall?

We were certain that Alpha Brain would be one of the nootropics that would actually have Adderall on the run for its money. It’s done so, rightly.

Presumably, with the rise of nootropics, Adderall lost a lot of customers that have converted to Nootropics. And what is one of the most successful leaders in the nootropics department? Alpha Brain.

We pit Alpha Brain against Adderall in our trials, which lasted for the whole duration of 2 months.

Many claimed that while Adderall was like an immediate kick, Alpha Brain was more like a steady acceleration.

The effects of Alpha Brain started out slow, however, it peaked at around 3 weeks, showing better effects that Adderall – even in the focus department.

Additionally, in the 2-month test, many also reported better memory with Alpha Brain – commenting on increased ability to remember small things. They also scored extremely well on our cognitive tests.

By the end of 2 months, most of our participants who were on Alpha Brain had almost nonexistent symptoms.

Those who were taking Adderall were doing just as good, however, they experienced a few side effects such as loss of appetite, upset stomachs, dizziness, headaches, and some experienced a rise in blood pressure.

Thankfully, no more serious side effects occurred in the duration of our tests.

What Do Our Readers Say about Alpha Brain?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of our readers claimed that Alpha Brain was extremely good for their ADD symptoms.

Many of them said that they were seemingly able to function well in work and study environments as early as after only having used Alpha Brain for 3-4 weeks.

Subsequently, many on Alpha Brain claim to love it so much that they feel they have found the perfect solution. Additionally, many praised it for the lack of side effects.

Not bad for a nootropic.

What we think at

We believe that Alpha Brain is really one of the best. Its reputation precedes it and being one of the leaders in the industry, it does not disappoint. Its effects are amazing, to say the least, and there were no side effects. The complete balanced nootropic? It’s a lot more than just that.

It still doesn’t outrank our favorite number 1 product Nitrovit, however, it gets a well-deserved score of 91%.

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