What is Alpha ZXT? Check out our Alpha ZXT review to discover whether this brain supplement is a serious solution for ADHD, or just another scam ‘Limitless Pill’… 

a bottle of Alpha ZXT brain supplement.When searching for the next best nootropic, we come across all kinds of offerings.

While many of the products out there are decent, reliable and effective brain pills, there are also plenty of duds out there, which are put out by scam artists.

Our Alpha ZXT review revealed this product is clearly the latter.

The photo below reveals that Alpha ZXT had to rebrand itself as ‘Neuro3X’ to hide the bad reputation given to them via many of review sites and customer comments online.

In summary – avoid this ‘supplement’!

Alpha ZXT Scam rename to Neuro3X


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In our Alpha ZXT review, we’ll explain why you should avoid this self-proclaimed ‘powerful brain booster’ at all costs.

First of all, the Alpha ZXT website is extremely suspect.

It features only one page, which is filled with vague statements about how great the product is and what it can do, many of which are written in broken English.

There is no information about who Alpha ZXT is manufactured by.

It’s clearly made by the same people behind the Synapsyl brain formula as they both use the same ‘Viagra for the brain’ slogan and images on their sites.

It appears that they’ve been much lazier with Alpha ZXT.

The site contains no details of what ingredients Alpha ZXT contains, or even how much it is.

There’s no contact information, either.

Also, the site is just full of bogus claims and banners saying ‘rush my order’ to convince you to buy it before you start questioning anything.

Illegally – the website also states several times that Alpha ZXT is ‘100% safe and effective’.

With no evidence to back that up – as everybody is different and they don’t know your medical history – we’re more than skeptical.

Alpha ZXT Review – What Are The Side Effects

Here are some of the promises the Alpha ZXT website makes about the product:

  • Intense focus
  • Cognitive precision
  • Effective nootropic
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Improve recall
  • Enhanced brain concentration
  • Improve memory and brain

Those last two don’t even make sense, it seems like they’ve just thrown the word ‘brain’ in there in an attempt to make it sound better.

For us, it had the opposite effect.

Alpha ZXT Ingredients

Our Alpha ZXT review revealed that their website doesn’t provide a list of ingredients, nor reveals the label. 

Oddly, the site does promise however that whatever it does contain is ‘healthy and natural’?!!

That’s not enough for us. The website does mention phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine, although very vaguely, and fails to mention any amounts.

Finally we got our hands on the Supplement Facts by sadly buying a bottle to get them off the label… Of course, the mg’s per ingredient were hidden behind a ‘proprietary blend’ – usually used to hide a week formula or a wholesale formula used by many other companies. 

Alpha ZXT contains: 

Vitamin E

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Folic Acid

‘Brain Blend’ proprietary blend


Omega-3 complex


Gingko Biloba leaf extract

Alpha Lipoic Acid



It’s unsurprising that Alpha ZXT uses a proprietary blend, since their manufacturers are so reluctant to provide any useful information about it.

There are some ingredients there which are known for their effectiveness.

GABA, Ginkgo, Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A and Phosphatidylserine are all used in some of the best nootropics on the market, so this could on paper – potentially make a good brain supplement.

We are still left guessing about the ingredients and their exact amounts, so can’t know how effective Alpha ZXT is.

Alpha ZXT Reviews

There were rumours of Alpha ZXT being endorsed by Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and Tiger Woods, which were proven to be untrue by Snopes.

AlphaZXT never been endorsed by any celebrity as it claim.

More online reviews from the major supplement review sites showed some of the same concerns we have, and one commenter claimed to have been conned out of their money:

“Sadly I am too trusting. I should have done more research and reviewed the comments that I am now reading before ordering. Unfortunately I got duped 🙁

Despite being given a tracking number, I wasn’t given a mailing agency to track. Finally, found a phone number 1-855-962-7747. That number doesn’t even ring. Please be careful, consumers”  – Alicia

The other reviews we found revealed more of the same… Complaint after complaint. 

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Summary – Don’t Buy Alpha ZXT 

Under the ‘Where to Buy’ heading on the website, it says ‘this effective and valuable brain enhancer can be bought online’.

This is a pattern displayed throughout the entire website;

They just dance around in circles trying to sell the product to you without having to provide any real information about it.

Worse still – clicking on the link to order Alpha ZXT from the official website directs you to a page advertising another supplement called ‘Brain Pill IQ’ – a site which has also now disappeared in 2021!  

This is clearly a scam, and a case of a company reinventing themselves under new names to dupe more people into buying their sub-par products.

We’ve seen it all before.

We can’t even know how much Alpha ZXT costs, since the website’s links all direct elsewhere.

It seems as though whoever is behind this scam has moved on to other incarnations of the product.

They have just left the website up in hopes that people will be persuaded to buy whatever they’re selling.

With so many superior products out there, we can’t think of a single reason to buy Alpha ZXT.

AddTablets.Com Rating: 5%

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