Aniracetam has Piracetam users on a run for their money.

Aniracetam Percentage Score: 89%

Most nootropic users would know Piracetam as the no otropic that started it all. We’ve reviewed it already, so if you would like, take a read there as well. Aniracetam has been developed over the last few years and is quickly becoming the racetam nootropic of choice. Apparently, it’s more potent, its effects more pronounced – however, with that, also come a few interesting effects.

Aniracetam’s popularity has grown very quickly over the last few years, and is now becoming a staple in many people’s nootropic stacks. How much better is Aniracetam compared to Piracetam though? If we had to choose between Aniracetam and a pre-stacked formula, which would give the better bang for our buck?

Ingredients in Aniracetam

Similar to Piracetam, Aniracetam really only has one ingredient – Aniracetam. That being said, it is distributed and sold by many different supplement chains, which is also the case for Piracetam. Similar to Piracetam, most use Aniracetam in a stack. While Aniracetam does give you increased and enhanced focus, memory, and mental capabilities to an extent better than Piracetam, it also enhances perception through sensory stimulation. This means that you may see colors more vividly and listen to music more enjoyably.

Details of Aniracetam

While Aniracetam is a good single-ingredient nootropic, this doesn’t mean that it is better than pre-stacked nootropics. For one, pre-stacked nootropics often contain 10-20 ingredients, whereby reproducing the same effects by purchasing individu al ingredients ranging from $10-$20 may cost you a lot more than purchasing a single bottle that costs $40-60. Additionally, the pre-stacked nootropics have usually already been researched, therefore, eliminating the need to experiment with stacks and test which ones work best.

While Aniracetam is definitely better than Piracetam, we still urge those on a tighter budget, or those looking for the absolute best results to still go with pre-stacked nootropics.

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