Cheap price is justified by ineffective brain pill.

Clear Focus Max
Clear Focus Max Percentage Score: 21%

Clear Focus Max is an anti-brain fog supplement that has been designed to keep foggy brains clear. It is sold by Chesapeake Nutraceuticals, which is a subsidiary company of CEN, a publicly traded company. CEN is technically publicly traded, but the value of each share of stock is less than a penny. We supposed you could call the maker of Clear Focus Max a penny stock, if the value were to increase substantially. If you can overlook the fact that Clear Focus Max is sold by a penny stock company, then take a look at the ingredients in the formula. They consist of green tea extract, vitamin B12, folate, DL-phenylalanine, and soybean phosphatides. Unfortunately, there are about 20 different ingredients in this pill, which we feel is far too many for you to get any benefit from any of them, since they are found in such small quantities.

Ingredients in Clear Focus Max

Concerning Clear Focus Max’s ingredients, it seems as if while there are nootropic ingredients included, the most important ones may have just been included for the sake of being able to add them to the supplement facts label. We say this because the ingredients that actually matter like CoQ10, Huperzine, Phosphatidylserine, and ALCAR are all included in extremely low quantities.

We put Clear Focus Max to the test and tried to find evidence that supported the supplement’s claims that it helps with focus and concentration. There was little evidence online in the form of positive reviews for us to really assume it was a good supplement. After our own testing, we found that 0 out of 5 people reported any increased focus or concentration when compared to before they took Clear Focus Max. After the first month and after the full two months, none of our test subjects reported any benefits from Clear Focus Max. Based on this evidence, we must assume that Clear Focus Max just does not work. This is not surprising really, after one examines the company that markets and sells it.

Details on Clear Focus Max

What you pay for is what you get. Clear Focus Max’s price tag of $9.99 might be incredibly cheap, but that reflects the ingredients used in its formula and the actual results. Clear Focus Max is not effective in doing much of anything. There is a bit of caffeine in the formula that might give you a kick. Besides that, there is nothing we see to show that Clear Focus Max is a real supplement at all. Move on.

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