Epiphany-D1 REviewAs the title implies, have you? We certainly have, especially when we came across this particular nootropic. Nootropic stacks are intended to increase our awareness and delve our consciousness deeper into another level that we never thought was possible. Some call nootropics a drug, but we like to call it a supplement as we are regular users of it and believe in them. That’s why we’re always looking out for products that are both new and old. We don’t always tend to believe what other reviewers have mentioned about a certain nootropic. We like to do our own research and come to our own conclusions. That’s why all our research is based on fact findings, not from a person’s claims towards a product.

Moving along to the product, Epiphany D1 itself is professionally supported with detailed explanations about their product and excellent customer service. They also aren’t reluctant to provide the consumer with the detailed supplement facts. This product is hyped up with claims to make us focus better, enhancing our memory capacity, and increasing energy levels. Besides that, it is stated to improve neural plasticity, acts as a concentration booster, increases blood and oxygen levels to the brain, protects the brain, and even can slow our ageing process. Looking at the reasonable price tag of $64.95 we think it’s actually an average priced nootropic, although we’d rather purchase nootropics at $50 at most. However looking at what Epiphany has to offer, it just might be worth that price. Sold legally over the counter, this product is readily available in most pharmacies and one does not have to worry about its legality.

Fig.1 Supplements used in Epiphany D1

Taking a look at the ingredients that make up Epiphany D1, we can see from figure 1 above that it has a vast amount of individual substances each at varying measurements. Looking at the core ingredients above 100 mg in order from highest to lowest, we get:

Alpha GPC 225 mg This substance is a quality choline supplement which stimulates the production of Acetylcholine and improves brain health
Mucuna Pruriens 225 mg This is a plant based substance included to improve mood, and used to increase dopamine levels which results in better feelings of confidence and motivation
Aniracetam 200 mg An improved version of Pricetam, this substance helps improve short and long term memory capacity as well as improves mood
Oxiracetam 180 mg Similar to Aniracetam, but aimed at improving cognitive function of the brain instead such as logical thinking and reasoning
Acacia Rigdula 175 mg Naturally a herb, this helps improves overall feeling and is a source of phenethylamine
Bacopa Monnieri 150 mg Another plant with similar effects as Acacia Rigdula, which also helps with mood and energy levels
Sulbutiamine 150 mg Also a nootropic in itself, helps improve memory, performance, and increased levels of alertness

With a majority of high quality substances included as the main ingredients, we find this very promising from Epiphany D1. It appears that the company who produces this nootropic makes their choice of substances with careful selection and to a certain amount squeezed into a single pill. We find it to be very well balanced and excellently combined to create Epiphany D1. Unfortunately, since we are not the average nootropic user, we find this product to be weak. Newcomers to the nootropic world will benefit the most from Epiphany D1. Their customer service is in par with their quality ingredients. What might be a turn off for first time users is that this nootropic is priced in the $60+ range. Even for us, we find that price on the expensive side for a weak supplement. The first time users will find this supplement a joy to experience as they will feel a mild effect from taking Epiphany D1 without fear of any dangerous or threatening side effects.

Despite Epiphany D1 living up to its word, we’re not saying it’s a bad product but we can only recommend experienced users of nootropics to seek out better products. Look for products which come at a bargain and with stronger supplement compositions for prolonged effects. You can always choose one of the Editor’s Choice recommendations or venture out to search for newer ones. Sadly, we had hoped that this product would have included a stronger composite base of ingredients. Unfortunately for us, Epiphany D1 was merely an epiphany itself.

Our Score: 85%

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