Evo Pill Review: Avoid Evo Like the Plague.Summary: The Definition of Cookie-Cutter. DO NOT TRY.

Evo Percentage Score: 31%

Evo is a brain enhancer that we’ve only recently found. We aren’t exactly sure when they first came around, but we just found them the other week, when we haven’t seen of a trace of them before – like they just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. What was most immediate to us was that Evo was extremely cookie-cutter. From the appearance of its website to the claims that we saw on their website, many of the things we found were sort of ‘stolen’ from some other websites, as well as being completely repetitive and basically just going around the same topics numerous times.

Ingredients in Evo

Something that we noticed on Evo was actually that it did not contain any information whatsoever on its website, not even the ingredients that was included in its formula. When we started looking for other images and such on Google, we weren’t able to find any as well. This was extremely strange since we’ve read some very positive reviews on their site, as well as on other related forums and websites, but it seems that nobody has ever bothered to take a picture of it in real life, or its label.

Details of Evo

We weren’t exactly sure how to approach this subject, but we just really felt something extremely strange and peculiar about Evo – it really did seem very sketchy. From their very cookie-cutter claims, to their lack of an ingredients table. The problem is, it might just be that Evo has stolen every idea and concept from other brain enhancers available out there, but are simply underperforming in comparison. There seems to be something very fishy here, especially similar to what Excelerol has done in terms of their site and the strategies that they’ve involved in getting more sales. Another thing we’ve noticed is the price of Evo, which although it is ‘75% off’, it’s still at $39.95. And when you look at the ‘list price’, it says $139.95. Scams. As much as we don’t like saying ‘avoid like the plague’, avoid Evo like the plague.

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