How to Achieve Photographic MemoryPhotographic memory is one of the most elusive things to us here on earth. Think about it – do you even know a person who has photographic memory? We’ve heard about them, we’ve read about them, and in some cases, we’ve watched videos of them – however, chances are, you don’t know anyone who has photographic memory. Well, you’re in luck, because with a little bit of practice, you’ll be that lucky one in your group of friends that can remember the order of a deck of cards in under a minute.

Well, not really. Sorry to say, it’s quite difficult. However, it’ll come with practice. However, we’re going to give you the stepping stones that you’ll need to one day that if practiced frequently, might just give you that ability. You’ve probably heard of the memory palace. This is what we’re talking about.

1.       Build a palace. No, really! In your head, imagine a palace – or castle, or mansion, or really big house, if that’s what rocks your boat. The idea here, is that people’s minds aren’t really built to remember lists, what often happens is you remember the first few, some in the middle, and a few more toward the end. However, people remember routes. From way back in the past, when no maps were created, people needed to remember routes to resources. You had to remember where to get your firewood, where to hunt for certain types of food, where your shelter was, and where to get water. Build a palace. Or ideally, a good starter would be your childhood home. That will be pretty easy to remember.
2.       Construct images. You need to create images to associate the things you want to remember with. However, these shouldn’t just be simple, random images. You’ll need to remember these images. And what images do we not forget? Absurd ones. Get creative. An example would be a painting of the Mona Lisa, but it’s now in green and red, as opposed to its normal hue of colors
3.       Strategically place images along your route. Think about how you will go about entering the rooms of the palace, and in which order you’ll be going to each room. Now, what’s important is that you start slowly, adding images to each room in the order in which you’d like to be visiting each room. Now, the order of the items you need to remember must correspond with the order of the rooms that you visit.
4.       Go for a walk. Once you’ve created your palace, and put all the things in place, start walking through your palace, going through your imagined route. Remember all the crazy images you saw, and in which order you saw them.
5.       Practice.

With enough practice with different types of things, you’ll one day be able to remember long lists of things that might be useful in an exam, a presentation at work, or heck, it’ll be an awesome party trick.

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