An inexpensive brain pill, but is lacking on its own.

5-Hours-Energy-ReviewIntelectol Percentage Score: 57%

Intelectol is different from most of the other brain enhancing supplements that we have reviewed on this site. Instead of containing a blend or formula of a number of different ingredients, Intelectol basically just a branded form of the nootropic vinpocetine. It is essentially just a concentrated extract, which is the active ingredient in periwinkle extract.  Sadly, there is absolutely nothing proprietary about it.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work though. We’re here to review the supplement as itself, and not the brand, and we have to tell you that most of our experiences with supplements containing vinpocetine have been generally positive – so there was absolutely no reason we expected to be disappointed with Intelectol.

Ingredients in Intelectol

Intelectol sounded like a good choice after trying some of the stronger pheno-drugs like Phenotropil. Intelectol rides only on the effects of vinpocetine. Again, since that is the only ingredient in its formula, this is the only active ingredient in Intelectol. As mentioned, we’ve had some really positive experiences with supplements carrying vinpocetine in the past, but we simply haven’t been able to take it separately as a supplement in itself yet. One thing to note is that while vinpocetine cannot be sold as a pharmaceutical in the US, many supplements still use it in the mixture. Intelectol is one of these.

For those of you who don’t know, vinpocetine is actually also a very premium nootropic ingredient that really does help with cognitive function. There have been a number of studies where vinpocetine had been tested to improve memory, most of which have shown very positive results. In addition, vinpocetine is also a vasodilator – meaning, it has properties that allow the greater flow of blood in the body. And of course, higher blood flow does mean more blood being able to get to the brain, which also heightens a few of the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Unlike some of the stronger drugs we have tried in search for the best brain pills, Intelectol is actually a pretty mild stimulant and memory enhancer, also really aiding in focus. We often found ourselves being able to experience longer states of focus, and thus being able to get into a more productive zone, where we are able to just blast away at tons of work with little to no breaks in between.

One other aspect we noticed where Intelectol really helped was in working memory. Short term memory and working memory really were increased for the time being while we were on Intelectol, but the effects would also subside when we would return to baseline.

Aside from that, one very surprising effect Intelectol gives is that it also helps with weight loss. One of us here have actually lost 7 pounds since he started using Intelectol 6 weeks ago. This is a pretty decent loss, considering he used to weigh only 154 pounds. He is down to 147 now, which he is quite happy about. And for those of you who are a bit on the chunky side, you’d be happy to know that weight loss also helps aid in better brain function.

Details on Intelectol

The difference between a vinpocetine supplement like Intelectol and other drugs is that Intelectol can be taken as many times per day, but they do recommend you to take 2 tablets a day, where they claim that this will provide the brain with the right brain food it wants. With their recommended serving, a pack of Intelectol costing $19.95 for 50 tablets can last up to a month.

Overall, Intelectol is quite good, we still have to say that since it is a single-ingredient supplement, it is lacking in some areas. If you have some experience in stacking nootropics, you are probably going to like experimenting with Intelectol and the effects it produces when combined with other ingredients. However, the fact that it only has one ingredient really puts it down behind other brain pills out there. It isn’t really a fair comparison, but as a stand-alone, it’s great at what it does. We would recommend vinpocetine with a stack including Piracetam, Acetyl l-Carnitine, and Alpha GPC.

To its defense, it is quite an inexpensive offering. Perhaps Intelectol will be a good vinpocetine source for those who stack, but then again, those who stack may find vinpocetine cheaper in powder form.

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