As someone who tries and tests Nootropics, I’m always looking for the next Rockstar product.

So, I’d be hard-pressed to ignore the hype and attention Master is receiving.

However, what’s been stopping me from testing this ‘superstar Nootropic’ is most reviews have labelled Master solely as a musicians Nootropic.

But I’m not convinced as Master has all the hallmarks of being a great Nootropic for all.

So, I wanted to find out if the review’s have got it right?

What is Master and what are its effect’s: Noosician is a new company with a winning product (Master)!

Master is a Brain Enhancing Nootropic developed by Noosician to help musicians improve their learning capacity, focus and memory.

So, you can spend less time learning and more time playing.

What you should appreciate with Master is its focus on memory to ensure that when you learn something you remember it.

So no more wasted days learning and then remembering nothing the following day.

Although Noosician have chosen to mainly talk about its ability to help musicians learn music, it’s no secret that Master doesn’t exclusively help you learn music.

Master increases your learning capabilities and its up to you what you decide to learn.

Whether its music, school work or a new language.

Master memory supplement bottle

What are Masters ingredients?

Master’s most impressive factor could be its formula that contains 40 perfectly matched ingredient.

That deliver a Rockstar mental performance throughout the day.

As well as improved focus, memory and learning capabilities.

We will have a closer look at some of the ingredients that make Master so impressive.

Master supplement facts


It was once widely believed that we get enough choline from our diets however a recent study showed that might not be the case.

The study actually showed that without eating eggs or supplementing most individuals do not consume enough choline.

A fried egg

This should concern you as Choline is a vital nutrient for good health.

As well as contributing to good health choline effects our acetylcholine.

It does this by acting as a catalyst, increasing the rate of production and release of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine being neurotransmitters in our brain.

So, scientists believe choline can improve memory and learning capabilities.

Choline is even used to help treat memory loss and dementia.

Huperzine A

Remember when I explained Master can allow you tom perform at your best mentally throughout the day, well this is the ingredients that makes it happen.

Huperzine A allows the brain to function at a heightened state for extended periods.

Perfect for your stressful work days or tedious learning as higher mental function will make these tasks feel effortless and faster.

Huperzine A stops the breakdown of Acetylcholine and is therefore believed to help maintain memory function.

Therefore, Huperzine A is used to help treat various memory loss diseases.

The Master formula follows a pattern of focusing on the protection and enhancement of our Neurotransmitters.

In order to achieve improved memory and learning.

Huperzine A plant


N ACETYL L-TYROSINE is responsible for the production of dopamine, our feel-good hormone.

NALT has also been shown to boost memory and focus capabilities.

One recent study even showed that individuals with high levels of NALT had a better working memory during mentally demanding tasks.

So NALT can help you better remember music.

NALT chemical form

Master Review: The Dosage Instructions

3 vegetarian capsules per day.

1038mg per day.

In order to maintain a routine, try and consume one of the 3 capsules before one of the 3 normal meals of the day.

 No breaks required; Master can be taken continuously 7 days a week.

Breaking from the pill will not pose a problem either.

My Master Review: My experience with Master

I wish I was a musician but I’m sadly not and I’m not going to deceive you and say I am.

But I would love to learn the violin as I find classical instruments so intriguing and prestige.

So I though whilst reviewing Master a ‘musicians supplement’ I would take some lessons.

I booked my lesson for Wednesday and started my experience Monday.

I’ve seen this in other reviews but its so true Master is fast acting due to the inclusion of huperzine A. 

So even being tired that morning once I got to work, I felt that heightened mental state that Huperzine A offers.

I felt Great!

Man working outside with his laptop

I completed most of my work by mid-day and so I was just on cruise control throughout the afternoon.

A luxury I’ve never been accustomed too.

When I got home however, I experienced a bit dizziness.

But it was very brief and mild, it may or may not have been due to Master.

But potential side effects like that are something to keep in mind.

The effects continued the following day and I even saw very slight memory improvement.

I was remembering tasks I’d be set out.

Then Wednesday crept up on me as my days were flying by because Master made each day easier.

I was nervous Wednesday but I loved my teacher and I was learning the basics of the violin far better than I believed I could.

I even membered what I learnt for the following session.

By the end of my time with Master I was no expert but I was learning fast and importantly remembering what I had learnt.

My favourite part of my time with Master was for the month I tested Master it took the stress out of my normally busy workdays.

As it kept me at my mentally best all day, leaving me with no worries of missing deadlines.

I’m proof Master works for both Musicians and working professionals!

Man happy in work office

Masters possible Side effects

Possible side effects of Master may include sickness, headaches, stomach aches and even dizziness.

If you have any medical conditions, I would advise you to contact Noosician directly or even a doctor.

Where can I buy Master: Buy Master from Noosician

Master is exclusively sold at Noosician it is unfortunately not sold on Amazon or any other similar websites.

Master comes in a 30-Day, 3 Month and 1-year Pack and it’s the usual the more you buy the more you save.

The 30-Day pack is under $50 at $49.

Noosician is also sold in multipacks with Noosician’s other two products, Sleep and perform.

Final Statement from my Master Review

An amazing product that might miss out because of its branding aimed at musicians!

But you would be smart to see past it and reap the benefits of this super star Nootropic.

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