Because Memoprove is geared towards older people with memory loss, we can’t see much use for this as a daily nootropic for those looking to gain anything beyond memory improvements. Since Memoprove is made in an unknown location, we cannot recommend this supplement as being safe to take either… It may be, it may not be, but it isn’t made in a US GMP laboratory and so you may be taking your chances with Memoprove.

Memoprove review

Momoprove percentage score: 79%

First Impressions

Memoprove was known to some of us since it was featured in certain advertisements geared towards older people, especially those who had demonstrated memory loss related to old age. There is no shortage of memory loss pills out there, but Memoprove seemed to be different because it includes N-PEP-12 as the main active ingredient. This neuropeptide can be taken orally, unlike its more potent cousins, which must be delivered through IV. This information helped us form certain conclusions about Memoprove and its formula.

Memoproves Manufacturer

One of the more interesting aspects of Memoprove is the manufacturer. According to the supplement’s own website and the information on Amazon, Memoprove is made in Canada, but sold to the Canadian and American markets. Interestingly, the domain name of the main website is registered in the UK, so this may be a case of a remotely operated manufacturing facility. Specifically, Memoprove is probably made at a contract manufacturing facility in Canada, but this supplement is run by someone in the UK. There is no other reason to register a domain name in the UK for a business that is focused on the North American market. In addition to this, the actual carton claims that Memoprove is made in Austria. Based on this knowledge, we believe Memoprove is just a single business person/ 2 man team running the supplement’s operations. This gets problematic if there are any issues with quality or other product aspects. There are no phone numbers on the website, and not much other contact information available. Xediton Pharmaceuticals, the company behind Memoprove, does not have any other products for sale.

We checked other review sites for more information, and most of them only mentioned a few details about the formulation. We looked to Amazon where the product is also available for sale, at a price of $56.44 for a bottle. However, it is not sold by Xediton, and there is only 1 review of the product on Amazon.

Results from Memoprove

Memoprove is respected in the memory pill industry as being a good solution for older adults who have suffered memory loss. The presence of neuropeptides ensures that memory is improved upon by taking Memoprove. However, despite this fact, Memoprove is not meant to help anyone other than older adults with these issues. For those who are looking for a cognitive enhancer or a cutting-edge nootropic, Memoprove will not provide the solution you are looking for.

The results from the NIH clinical trial showed that older adults with memory loss issues benefited from taking supplements such as Memoprove for 30 days. After 30 days, those who took similar supplements performed better on tests that were administered to them, such as the Alzheimer’s exam, SKT test, and other similar examinations. These results are promising because it means you will be able to tell if Memoprove works for you (or your grandparents) after just one month. This reduces the barriers to entry for trying Memoprove.

Memoproves Cost

Memoprove currently costs $49.95 for a bottle of 30 tablets. Shipping and handling costs $9.95, so you are looking at around $60 for a bottle of this supplement. According to the dosage instructions, this is a one-month supply, since only one tablet is to be taken per day. We are not sure where this product ships from, since the makers of Memoprove claim to be based in Canada, the UK, and Austria. Be careful when importing this product – it is not made in the US, and you may be stuck with customs duties, fees, or excise tax on this product.

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