A Great Website and a Brain Pill Showing Great Promise; However, it is held back by the stimulant ingredients in its formula.

Neurofuse-ReviewNeurofuse Percentage Score: 76%

Neurofuse is one of the newer brain enhancers available out there on the market – and one thing is definitely for sure: it is darn pretty! Seriously, go take a look at their website and tell me that they haven’t invested some serious money into a very nice web design team – their site is gorgeous and I myself wouldn’t feel too bad immediately taking out my credit card and ordering, which is of course what we do here anyway, but I imagine some people are harder to convince, unless their website is completely spot on.

Behind the beauty though, we’re going to have to admit that there really is a beast, as with what we have experienced on Neurofuse. However, it is packed with some caffeine, so those who are intolerant to the substance should beware. Aside from that, its ingredients allow you loads of energy, and a moderately good increase in focus and a “can-do” mindset to match.

Ingredients in Neurofuse

Upon checking out Neurofuse’s website, one of the things that we were unable to find was an accurate supplement facts label to see specifically what ingredients were in Neurofuse. There were, however, mentions of Bacopa, Huperzine A, Pikatropin, and Vinpocetine. Luckily, a supplement facts label was readily available on Amazon. We weren’t exactly sure why the creators of the supplement decided not to include it on their website, and only on Amazon, but I am sure they have their reasons. We just thought it might have been extremely helpful on an informational level if it were included. Anyway, moving on!

While Neurofuse’s formula does contain caffeine in the form of Caffeine Anhydrous (which is a lot better than guarana), it does have some pretty sold ingredients in its formula as well. Included in this is Piktaropin – another very powerful stimulants that really get you focused and honed in and really in that productive zone. Some of the other premium ingredients it also contains are Huperzine A, Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine, and Phosphatidylserine – all great nootropic ingredients that are found in other brain enhancing supplements as well.

One thing that we have to call them out for though is the inclusion of DMAE. For those of you who don’t know, DMAE is short for Dimethylethanolamine, an ingredient that is primarily alcohol, but somewhat related to choline as well. For a very long time, it has shown extremely great benefits in terms of improving memory and mood, increasing focus, and in some studies, even improving overall intelligence! However, due to some alarming studies in the past couple of years that have linked DMAE to cell death in rats, the substance has been banned in countries like Canada and Australia. Just something to note.

Our overall experiences with Neurofuse were above average though. We normally don’t rate brain enhancing supplements that include caffeine too well, but in this case, we really were astounded with the results we got – far better than in any other nootropics we got before. There were vast improvements in focus, clarity, and energy, as well as mood and working memory. Really, the improvements were all around the table. Inherently, this may be due to the presence of DMAE, but we believe there were other factors as well.

Details of Neurofuse

Really, when it comes down to it, Neurofuse is a great nootropic and stimulant in that it allows you to get things done and really get a lot more focused, but the area where it is really lacking is in its long-term effects. With so much emphasis on you getting things done in a little amount of time, Neurofuse does not really do much for your long-term memory. It is still great if you just need that extra boost though.

One problem with Neurofuse though, is that it is a little bit on the expensive side of things. It is $59.99 for a bottle, which in itself, isn’t too expensive, except that the bottle really only has 30 capsules – which really only lasts 15 days at the recommended dosage.

Neurofuse is great as a get-things-done pill, but if you are looking for long term results, perhaps try something else.

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