Nitrovit Review 

For a 4th year in a row, Nitrovit surpasses all others as the ultimate nootropic memory and focus supplement.

Results on results formula, flawless customer service, and a company that goes the extra mile.

A 5 star review about the supplement nitrovit

The benefits Nitrovit delivers – within the convenience of a capsule – far outweighs the investment.

And whether new to the world of cognitive enhancement, or a “frazzled” – yet seasoned  – veteran of the Summer of ’69, this powerful formulation will have you focused, alert, and feeling mentally on point.

Nitrovit promises that anyone, from students to entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes and seniors alike can experience an altogether upgraded version of themselves thanks to a complex cocktail of nutrients and neurotransmitter enhancing nootropics.

This supplement over delivers on that promise…

Nitrovit bottle, with overal winner and best value award badgesNitrovit Review Score: 96%

Overview of Nitrovit:

Product: Project Noo You – “Nitrovit”
Price: Starts at $31.66 for bulk purchases. $49.97 for single bottles
Does it work? 4 Years Editors’ Choice Winner and Best Value. The one to beat!
Reviewers rating: Editors’ Winner 2016, 2017, 2019, Best Value 2020 – 96%

Primary benefits experienced: Big memory recall improvements noted with testers due to Noopept.

10% Exclusive Discount off Nitrovit:  Head on over to the store at and use the following promotional code when you checkout: add10

Scores using brain training programs Brain MetrixDual-N-back, and Neuro Nation improved (while supplementing with Nitrovit) in the areas of memory recollection, reaction times, puzzle solving abilities and accuracy while video gaming.

Nitrovit brings about a focused and motivated state of mind via large doses of Shilajit and Mucuna Pruriens.

A combo shown to not only enhance brain function – but increased athletic ability, libido, and stress management response too.

Nitrovit is our favorite product when it comes to any of the cognitive enhancers, ADD/ADHD solutions, and nootropics that we’ve reviewed.

Why? Simply, the formula that Project Noo You put together is close to flawless catering for both mental – AND physical – benefits.

The nootropic ingredients in Nitrovit are all expensive, top quality, high grade substances.

This makes for a stark contrast from the usual ineffective plant based powders such as Bacopa, Ginseng, and Ginkgo many other brain supplements tend to be filled with.

The blend of ingredients show how much time and effort went into formulating Nitrovit.

correct dosage quantities in a well thought out formula make Nitrovit an effective solution for cognitive enhancement and protection, and for combating the effects of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD).

The Nitrovit formula still leads the pack

Taking a look at the Project Noo You website reveals a confidence and prestige that could only come from a company confident they know their stuff.

President and founder Archie Marks adorns the homepage as the man who shunned the medical world and set about creating his own nootropic formula to ween himself off the prescription medicine pushed upon him by his Physician.

A lifelong sufferer of ADHD and focus issues himself, Archie’s obsession had him develop a recipe for success so impressive, that family and friends forced him to take his “Nitrovit Brain Formula” public.

A giant step for a man who struggled most of his life to finish anything.

Today Nitrovit ships to over 150 countries and serves thousands of orders every single month.

Much loved for his knowledge on all things nootropics, yet also for his compassion and desire to serve and help those that suffer with ADHD like Archie himself, Nitrovit is genuinely backed by a founder and company that cares.

His money where his mouth is…

Don’t just take our word for it – Nitrovit comes with a 1 year guarantee – more than any other brain supplement manufacturer out there.

A statement that without a doubt backs up what Archie claims his Nitrovit formula can do.

Project Noo You offer same day shipping as well as 2 other products – all designed around bettering human performance.

The Nitrovit formula

Nitrovit formula and supplement facts sheet

At the core of this well-crafted supplement is a combination of ingredients that improves focus and concentration.

A large 37.5 mg of Noopept, 450 mg of choline via Alpha GPC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Phosphatidylserine, and Taurine had us feeling motivated, organised, and positive. 

The Noopept, Alpha GPC, and Huperzine A, all scientifically proven to improve memory formation and recall, offer huge benefits for learners (students) and seniors alike with a focus on developing a strong memory with consistent use.

Lastly we have boosts to libido, stamina, and endurance thanks to natural nootropic extracts Shilajit and Mucuna Pruriens. 

The increases to libido aren’t distracting – but are noticeable during intimacy.

With promises of increased Focus, Memory, and Drive, this formula highlights the method of attack and how Nitrovit achieves this. 

Common Experiences with Nitrovit

Nitrovit is much loved on the web, with positive reviews all around from customers and other review sites alike.

The Project Noo You website features many testimonials from content customers and all feature photographs and appear genuine.

You can read about their experiences here on the websites testimonials page.

Nitrovit customer review summary:

Users taking Nitrovit for any length of time say that it makes them feel more confident and sharper, delivering a greater sense of control and focus.

Those of us at ADD Tablets that have tried Nitrovit agree.

Nitrovit’s ingredients are high quality and the likes of Noopept and Huperzine A are of prescription strength.

Using Nitrovit focuses the brain and allows those using it to concentrate on what they are doing without distractions.

For a good 6 hours.

How much dose the Nitrovit formula cost?

For a one month supply, $59.97.

Nitrovit current best deals

Nitrovit now has 3 price points:

30-Day ‘STUDENT’ Pack (1 bottle) – $59.97

90-Day ‘QUARTER’ Pack (3 bottles) – $129.97
(Free shipping)

180-Day ‘FAMILY Pack’ (6 bottles) – $229.97

Nitrovit shop, nitrovit store, shop nitrovit

So, the 6 pack offers the best deal at just at $38.33 per monthly bottle – and that’s before our discount code of 10%, add10.

To take advantage of that, and of what we here at ADD consider the best performing brain supplement formula available without a script.

Then head on over to the Nitrovit store now with the code: add10

You can go to the store by clicking here: Take me to the store.

Nitrovit formula review conclusion

Think about what you could do if you could finish 8 hours of work in 4 and a half.

Nitrovit allows this to happen.

Our views on this formula stay the same… It provides focus, energy, confidence, stamina, and the ability to store more information and retrieve stored information at ease.

It is by far the most effective brain supplement available in our opinion and that is backed up by the hundreds of positive reviews.

Nitrovit testimonials on the website project noo you

And Archie’s own 1-year money back guarantee.

If better focus and attention span, memory enhancement (with consistent use).

And increased drive and motivation to get things done could put you in a better place then you can’t go wrong at this price point.

Our Nitrovit formula opinion: 96%

10% Exclusive Discount off Nitrovit:  Head on over to the store at and use the following promotional code when you checkout: add10

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  1. Scott says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Personally, I thought the original Nitrovit formula was decent and while it provided a number of cognitive benefits, I felt like it was almost holding back to some degree. I had always assumed that it was perhaps because a preformulated nootropic supplement was only allowed to make their product so potent. However, I just got done using the revamped formula that added the Noopept back into the mix and all I have to say is WOW! This has got to be one of the most potent and effective nootropics that I have tried in quite some time. I even found it to be better than a few of the potent customized stacks that I created on my own. I have a feeling it will do well if it gets out there enough. Unfortunately, the nootropics I have seen advertised most often are the scams that try to convince people that their nootropic is the same pill that Bradley Cooper took in the movie “Limitless.” Hopefully, people will find the real deal because I would like them to continue making it! Great review!

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