Nooshift Review Score: 94%

Well, well, well… What do we have here?

A new contender for the champions crown or just another gimmicky brain pill? Well I’m pleased to say it’s definitely not the latter – and quite possibly the former. Read on…

Overview of Nooshift:

Product: Lift Nutraceuticals “Nooshift”
Price: Start at $36.66 for bulk purchases. $57.97 for single bottles
Does it work? Oh boy does it!
Reviewers rating: Editor Recommended – 94%

Primary benefits experienced: Incredible focus. Calmer with lower anxiety levels. Better fluidity of thought. Long term memory could not be tested by verbalizing thoughts improved and not losing track mid conversation reduced.

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A near perfect pill for people with attention issues. Nooshift had us calm, relaxed, focused, shaky leg syndrome stopped (!), getting up every 2 minutes for no reason greatly reduced, and brought with it a nice warm feeling that had most testers agreeing they felt motivated to do more. (Probably the result of the Ashwagandha).

With a healthy dose of Noopept, this nootropic brain pill should also lay the foundation for improved memory when taken long term as Noopept has been shown to boost the learning neurotransmitter “Acetylcholine” – allowing you to store more information and reportedly recall it with ease.

Highly effective, highly recommended, and not bad value when purchasing the 3 pack. Backed up with a 1 year guarantee and Nooshift gets our Editors and review team’s thumbs up and Recommended Award. A great nootropic.


Nooshift – A closer look:

When Nooshift landed on our desks, courtesy of Lift Nutraceuticals, we were excited and yet a little bewildered too. Just inspecting the bottle had us admiring not just the products slick design, but more importantly its formula.

Nooshift contains some really powerful nootropics that come close to being classified as suitable only for ‘research purposes’. This already had my interest.

Noopept. Ashwagandha. Uridine (not used enough in the industry IMO). Phosphatidylserine and others all go to make up what is probably our favorite formulation behind Nitrovit.

Lift Nutraceuticals create Nooshift under FDA guidelines in a GMP lab and offer a 1 year money back guarantee as their quality and value assurance.

This helps as currently there aren’t too many reviews online for Nooshift with it being a relative newcomer in 2017. The word’s out however and we expect great things.

Nooshift ingredients

Nooshift’s supplement facts reveals a reason for excitement. Uridine is a beautiful focus enhancer that brings about a cool alertness that is only felt in the mind. Coffee for example would be felt throughout the body and can leave us twitchy and jittery. So, alertness from caffeine is usually best avoided for that reason, coupled with the associated fatigue onset within an hour of consumption. One big latte can create all too much excitement for just one adult!

Nooshift omits caffeine which is a pleasant surprise and not something most companies do. A big caffeine dose can often have a beginner to nootropics thinking you’ve just gone “limitless” when hidden in a $70 bottle of brain supplements!

When a manufacturer leaves caffeine out of their formula they usually either have a very high refund rate (“I didn’t feel anything”) … Or, they have a formula that actually delivers. Nooshift delivers.


What to expect

As already mentioned, Uridine brings about a very nice clear headedness that responds, even if sleep deprived.


Noopept is a very potent memory enhancing nootropic discovered by Russian scientists to increase the Acetylcholine neurotransmitter responsible for memory and learning. Perfect for students, coders, or anyone who needs to keep a head for of data and recall it quickly. Noopept’s ability to increase learning capacity makes it a perfect complement to that new electric guitar you just purchased at 56 years old, or that white belt and Karate outfit!

But Noopept delivers beyond that by offering cell support by attacking free radicals responsible for the lipofuscin that often clogs up the arteries around the brain, slowing blood flow and the brains ability to create ATP energy – needed by the brain itself and the body too. Over 50’s take note. Nooshift (or Noopept) may be a very viable age support supplement.

Even beginners to the world of memory and brain enhancement will likely have heard of Huperzine A, an extract from the Huperzia Serrata plant shown to also aid memory formation.

Nooshift also comes with Alpha GPC for your choline needs. Supplementing with Noopept can sometimes “run the engine” a little in the red as it were and as the body would require water during a vigorous workout, so the brain needs choline when being pushed to perform above average.

Most Americans eat choline deficient diets and so nootropics (and even concentrating for extended periods) may bring about headaches. Consider that choline depletion and either a few eggs and a nice piece of cod will rectify the issue – or a choline supplement.

Choline comes in 3 main varieties within the nootropics world; Choline Bitartrate, CDP Choline, and Alpha GPC. While no one is better than the other, Alpha GPC and CDP seem to garner the highest credit for efficacy and quality. Nooshift coming with a dose of Alpha GPC is a great inclusion.

Can you buy Nooshift online and how much is it?

You can buy Nooshift online from the manufacturers website without a Doctor’s prescription.

A single 30 count bottle will set you back $57.97 – currently reduced from $77.97. You can also benefit from discounts when purchasing the following:

3 pack – $119.97 = $39.99 per bottle
6 pack – $219.97 = $36.66 per bottle

Lift Nutraceuticals guarantee you results and give you 365 days to try the product and receive a refund if not satisfied. They ask you return the empty/unopened bottles for your refund to aid recycling efforts. They don’t mind if you don’t return any capsules.


A beginner to nootropics should find a single bottle per month ample at the1 capsule daily serving. If you are an experienced user, you may find taking 2 – 3 capsules preferable. Due to Noopept’s preferential dosing split I’d recommend 2 capsules in the morning and 12 capsule after lunch. It is also advised you take 2 days off per week to avoid tolerance build up and to allow the body a reset.

Should I buy Nooshift?

If you are looking for a daily brain supplement to get the old grey matter firing on all cylinders then Nooshift offers a lot. A smart choice for memory support, for cramming information before a test, or presentation, Nooshift also offers a lot for people with social anxiety and hang-ups. Verbal fluency seems to be affected by Nooshift’s nootropic ingredients and clarity of thought is very noticeable.

Aging minds will benefit from a decent choline source, and Noopept has shown to help fight free radicals that cause cell damage.

At 3 capsules per day Nooshift can work out a little costly, but 1 -2 is ample for most users.

Overall rating – 94%

Thanks to the nice people over at Lift Nutraceuticals, we’ve been giving a discount code for our readers to use.

Head on over to and use the following promotional code when you checkout: addtablets


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