Nootropil Review

Summary: The father of the nootropic industry shows us that even a half-century-old product can make many companies have a run for their money.

Nootropil Percentage Score: 88%

Nootropil has been around for a very long time – almost 50 years now. It gave birth to the name nootropic, to which many of the brain enhancers on the market today are called. Considering this, Nootropil’s first original use was to treat the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD. Their main focus was to, funnily enough, increase focus – while also allowing increases in other cognitive processes like: learning capabilities and mood.

Ingredients in Nootropil

The only ingredient in Nootropil is piracetam – which, begs the question to whether it’s still even a relevant product, due to the many products out there that contain tens, and sometimes, thousands of ingredients in a formula, in an effort to produce enhanced cognitive abilities. However, note that the fact that it only has 1 ingredient makes it quite the potent treatment for ADD/ADHD symptoms. In addition, it’s been proven that Nootropil, whilst adding enhancements to the brain, does not produce any side effects – something, even today, rarely seen.

Details of Nootropil

Nootropil doesn’t have the same marketing power as some of these other products. It doesn’t really need to, though. We’ve found that Nootropil, despite being as old as it is, still boasts a substantial amount of followers. At a relatively cheap price, you’ll be able to get it over the counter in most large pharmacy chains for a relatively cheap price.

And after half a decade of being on the market, it’s still being sold today – a testament to its success

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