Memory Pill Might not Be the Best Choice for a Brain Enhancer.

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Chinese herbal medicine, for some reason, has been sort of a toss-up for most people. Sometimes it works, but sometimes, it also leaves you with some weird side effects. In this case, for Shen Clinic’s Memory Pill as an ADD pill, is Chinese herbal remedies the way to go?

Whether or not it really is the case, there are arguments for and against this. While Chinese medicine does seem to have wonderful – even miraculous – results, many times, that is not the case. Unless you’re 100% sure on the results, it might not be a good idea, especially when dealing with very vital organs like the brain. Chinese medicine is usually not clinically studied, and at times, are not even made in the US!

Memory Pill Ingredients

In Shen Clinic’s Memory Pill is a number of peculiar ingredients, most of them being seeds, roots, or stems of some kind. While some may argue that this could possibly work, it’s very difficult to not question the science behind these pills, and whether or not they’re really studied extensively or not. In addition, Shen Clinic’s website isn’t exactly very informative on any other important information that users may want to know, such as potential side effects, and etc.

Details of Memory Pill

China has gotten a reputation as a place where ‘fakes’ and ‘second-rate copies’ come from – and as much as we’d like to deny that fact, it really is true. And their reputation really affects how 90% of the world sees them. Whether or not Memory Pill really has any value, we’re a bit wary on putting ingredients from there into our bodies – especially since the brain might very well be affected.

If you’re really looking for a brain pill, we suggest that you try others that are available out there, those that have been created in a certified GMP lab, adhering to the strict quality standards here in the US.

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