zoned review.Do you feel that you’re lacking self-esteem? Are you trying hard to focus so you can study for your exam? Or perhaps you’re trying to get close to someone but you feel you don’t have what it takes to start and continue a meaningful conversation? Whatever your social or personal problems might be, nootropics are a popular supplement which can help you in most situations which require quick and precise thinking. Even athletes and body builders use nootropics to help them get that desired body shape and form. Don’t be like the rest; be different. That’s why we encourage you to seek out nootropics that just might help you and boost your cognitive thinking skills and increased motivational levels. Fortunately for the mainstream consumers, a wide range of nootropics are made available and come in different prices and forms. It might initially require a little bit of trial and error before you can find the ideal nootropic, but take it from us as we too are avid users of nootropics. We make realistic reviews based on what is fact, rather than just relying on claims.

We’re always on the lookout for great and new nootropics. One particular brand of nootropics that provides the public with a variety of different types of supplements is “Zoned”. They provide you with four different products ranging from anxiety, stress, and sleep aids, to weight loss and muscle toning, mental focus and energy nootropics, and pre workouts. We were mainly interested in the mental focus and energy nootropics section and so decided to check it out instantly. In this category, Zoned offers us two variants. The first one is simply named “Zoned” which is available for $34.99 and “Zoned Pure” available at $44.99. At a ten-dollar difference each with 30 capsules, the more expensive version claims as a caffeine free dietary supplement.

Going over their website, we poked around the “about us” section to find out more about their company. Learning a little bit about the history of this company, they seem legitimate and provide straight forward information with no hints of any non-sense. Their website also contains several blog posts related to fitness, health, and body building as well as nutrition articles covering general information and nootropics in particular. Overall, their website is very basic and not enough information is provided to the general public regarding their products. We would love to see an ingredients page where we can pick up information regarding the contents of their supplements.

Due to the lack of any solid information regarding their nootropic version, we had to do a little digging to find more about the product before we even think about trying it out. We came across two sites that helped us obtain some backing information regarding Zoned. According to these sites, Zoned consists of only five ingredients: Sulbutiamine, Choline, Caffeine, Schzandrol-A and Hordenine. Unfortunately, none of these sites were able to determine the exact readings of each substance so the company is keeping its proprietary blend a secret. What these sites have also told us is that there is a total of 755 mg (with 100 mg of it being caffeine and 50 mg being Hordenine) of these ingredients in Zoned. Those sites also mentioned that people weighing over 200 lbs would need to consume an additional pill daily.

Investigating the less familiar ingredients of Zoned (nootropic version), we are curious as to how much of an effect this nootropic provides to the regular consumer. Looking at Sulbutiamine first, it’s a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). Sulbutiamine is used as treatment for chronic fatigue (asthenia), memory improvement, minimizes psycho-behavioral inhibition, and erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that no more than 600 mg is consumed daily. Next is choline. Similar to the B vitamins, choline is found in foods such as liver, eggs, fish, nuts, beans, and spinach. A wide range of application for choline is used in many areas. For example, choline is used primarily to treat liver diseases such as hepatitis. It is also used for other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, dementia, Tourette’s disease, schizophrenia, seizures, preventing cancer and controlling asthma. To prevent bodily fatigue, athletes usually use choline which increases their endurance. Furthermore, pregnant women usually consume choline to prevent neural tube defects in their babies and found in baby formula as a supplement. There is a health risk involved when consuming large quantities of choline. These can include sweating, gastrointestinal distress, foul body odor, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Caffeine needs no explanation as all of us are familiar with its effects. Now we come to Schzandrol-A. This comes from the Schisandra plant and the fruit is used for food and as medicine. It’s also helpful in preventing early ageing, normalizing blood sugar levels and pressure, treating hepatitis, and protects the liver from toxins. Other uses range from sexual related benefits, coughs, asthma, sleeping disorders, depression, and memory loss. There are three dangers to consuming Schzandrol-A. First, if you have epilepsy, steer clear from it. Second, Schzandrol-A can make people who have Gastroesophageal reflex disease or peptic ulcers conditions worse by increasing stomach acid levels. Last, people with high brain pressure will experience worsening conditions by consuming Schzandrol-A.

Finally, we have Hordenine. It’s an alkaloid which originates from various plants, especially barley. In many nutritional supplements, Hordenine is sold as part of an ingredient which stimulates the central nervous system and promotes weight loss. Additionally, Hordenine also slows down the digestion of food which gives us the longer feeling of being “full” after a meal. All these factors contribute why this substance is used primarily for athletic use. It is not advisable to consume Hordenine if we are taking other stimulants for the central nervous system such as riphenidate, dextroamphetamine, nitroglycerine, and pseudoephedrine amongst others, as Hordenine is contraindicated and can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, rapid beating of the heart, and anxiety. Finally, we should not take hordenine if you are taking blood pressure medication, alpha blockers, beta blockers or asthma or allergy medications

Our conclusion on Zoned is that it’s a more ideal nootropic for athletes (which it was initially designed for). For the mainstream nootropic users such as students and office workers, we recommend that you search for a different nootropic. Zoned is deemed too weak in our opinion and larger people (with more body mass) will require two supplement doses to experience any real effects. Although relatively affordable at its $34.99 price, we’re spending that much on something else. In addition, we don’t really know what the exact readings are for the nootropic as the company is hiding its blend. It is more assuring for the public if we can visually see what a product is offering us.

Our score: 82%

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