The Benefits of Commuting to Work by BikeDo you live within 3 miles proximity from work?

Are you trying to save up on some extra money to splurge at the end of the month?

Are you desperately trying to get in shape, but just haven’t got the time, motivation or the money to pay for a gym membership?

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If you fit in one of the above, perhaps maybe you should consider riding the bike to work.

The benefits are quite endless, really. If you have a few hundred dollars to let go of, getting a bike is one of the best things you can invest on.

And you might even find that in a month, it would have already paid for itself.

You’ll be able to get earlier into work, skipping the early morning traffic jam.

If you aren’t living in the city, you will definitely benefit from some fresh air, and heck, did you know that cycling is the second-best cardio exercise there is – second only to swimming?

However, riding on a bike isn’t like exercise at all.

When you need to ride it to get to work, it really becomes a part of your daily routine, and it stops being something that you “just have to do”.

You aren’t even going to be thinking about losing weight. It will be more of a matter of “I only have 10 minutes left to clock in!”

And heck, the rush of adrenaline and endorphins when you get into work is going to make you feel great!

You will not only have had a great exercise, but you will even get to start work super productively.

Once you’re in that zone, you will feel great and your ability to keep working will skyrocket!

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