Great brain enhancer, especially for the lower price.

Thinkfast-ReviewThinkFast Percentage Score: 82%

ThinkFast is a relatively older brain enhancer that’s been available on the market, from Future Biotics. They’ve been pretty popular for a while, but lately have seen a decline since the rise of the more now-popular nootropics like Alpha Brain. They have a lot of clinical studies mentioned on their website, but most of them are just simply cited studies from third party research regarding the ingredients that they use in their formula. In all honestly, ThinkFast is one of the most proper brain enhancers that we’ve seen in a long time. It seems as if Future Biotics really does well to ensure that everything that all their products are properly described, as well as the inclusion of supporting information.

Ingredients in ThinkFast

ThinkFast’s ingredients at a glance, might seem just as if to only contain proprietary blends. While this is true, these proprietary blends aren’t similar to what we usually see, as the majority of the blends they use do not contain any filler at all. Contrast to what other companies do, Future Biotics seems to have incorporated a formula that is truly nootropic. There really isn’t much left to say about its ingredients, except that they are really good.

Details of ThinkFast

ThinkFast is actually quite cheap. At its retail price, it costs $32.95, which is almost half of what other brain enhancers out there cost. A bottle contains 60 capsules, but at the two-capsule-a-day recommended dosage, it will last you around a month. Still, if you’re not taking ThinkFast on the weekends or when you aren’t doing any work, your bottle might even last you a little over 40 days.

ThinkFast seems to have left its mark on the brain enhancement industry, as it seems that even years after its release, it’s still alive and kicking. Despite its age, its ingredients still hold up to today’s industry standards, and while it certainly isn’t perfect, it’s still pretty damn good.

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