Nothing special, but still quite expensive.

Zoned-Nootropics-ReviewZoned Percentage Score: 66%

Zoned is a nootropic from Zoned Nutrition, a company that offers a few different supplements that each do a little to enhance the overall performance of the body. Zoned isn’t too popular, and could really use some free publicity, as per this review. Zoned claims to be for professionals, athletes, and even students looking for extra focus and energy, allowing your brain’s neurons to communicate with each other more efficiently and freely, improving the brain’s performance.

Ingredients in Zoned

Zoned has some interesting ingredients. A majority of them aren’t found in most other brain enhancers, however, this does not mean that their ingredients are superior. Its ingredients – Sulbutiamine, Choline, Caffeine, Hordenine, and Schizandrol-A is admirable for trying to be something different. However, as we’ve learnt with brain enhancing nootropics, new and different does not always mean better. If you look at the most effective and most reputable nootropics out there, you’ll notice that most of them contain around 80% of the same ingredients. This is because, as much as others want to deny it, most that try to stray from what’s proven usually aren’t as effective.

Details of Zoned

A 30-cap bottle of Zoned comes at around $35, which is quite cheap. However, in their label, it’s also mentioned that for optimal results, two capsules might be required. This means that it might actually cost up to $70 a month, which is quite a lot of money – especially when it doesn’t come as close to effectiveness to giants like Alpha Brain and Nitrovit.

Those in search of the best out there should definitely start looking in another direction. Zoned does offer quite a lot of enhancement in brain performance, but it’s overshadowed by its steep price and the fact that there are still many other brain pills out there that outperform it, especially when you consider its value/price ratio.

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